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His Academy is a Ministry of Unity of Faith Bible Church

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His Academy Christian School of Excellence was established in August 2001 as a non-profit Christian school, a ministry of Unity of Faith Christian Church, Inc., which teaches high spiritual and academic standards servicing families in the Rockdale, Dekalb, and Gwinnett County areas.


Our academic program is based upon the Word of God as the center of all truth.


Both the atmosphere and the curriculum at His Academy is distinctively Christ-centered.


Jesus Christ is preeminent (Col. 1:18), and students are taught to love the Lord their God with all their hearts (Deut. 6:5-7).

HIS Academy Christian School of Excellence is an A Beka DVD School. The A Beka DVD/Video program was developed, field tested, and introduced to the classroom setting in 1985. This method of educating has proven to be successful for over twenty years. It allows HIS Academy to operate a first-class school at a fraction of the cost.

Each subject is taught by a master teacher* from Pensacola Christian College via DVD each day. In addition, our students have the benefit of having an on-site qualified teacher in each classroom to enhance, reinforce, answer questions, and make sure that the concepts that the master teacher has taught, has been caught by our students.

The A Beka DVD program is as traditional and productive as the one-room schoolhouse and is as high tech as the school for today. It’s an exciting educational program and our standardized test scores proves it works.

General Purpose of His Academy

It has always been a part of God’s plan for parents to be ultimately responsible for the education and training of their children.
(Deuteronomy 6:6-9; Ephesians 6:4).

The general purpose of His Academy Christian School is to serve as an extension of the home by assisting parents with the moral and spiritual training of children and by providing technical assistance to the parents and children in mastering academic skills and concepts. His Academy Christian School will guide and establish learning experiences that will assist each student in becoming a mature Christian person and a responsible and productive member of society.

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Lift Up Your Head and Aim High, When You Do the Sky is the Limit

If you are seeking excellence in Christ-centered education as an extension of the Christian home, His Academy is the place for you.