His Academy Christian School of Excellence


His Academy Christian School uses ‘The A Beka Book’ curriculum. The A Beka Book approach to Christian education keeps learning lively, interesting, and memorable. The materials reflect sensible theory that is firmly anchored to practicality. A Beka Book materials have been developed as a result of 50 years of actual classroom experience.

A Beka’s skilled researchers and writers do not paraphrase progressive education textbooks and add Biblical principles; they do primary research in every subject and look at the subject from God’s point of view. Of course, the most source is always the Word of God, the only foundation for true scholarship in any area of human endeavor. Thus, their publications are built upon the firm foundation of Scriptural truth and are written by dedicated and talented Christian scholars who are well-grounded in the practical aspects of classroom teaching.

For excellence for your child’s Christian education, you can trust A Beka Book.

His Academy Christian School of Excellence


The elementary years serve as the cornerstone for learning. We provide a solid foundation in core subjects that enables students to reach higher educational goals.

Our imaginative curriculum supports the development of well-rounded children accomplished academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually through pragmatic learning. Small class sizes allow us to create an intimate, nurturing environment where teachers know their students as individuals and every child’s voice is heard.

His Academy Christian School of Excellence

Exceptional Academics

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a Christian school. His Academy is personal and intimate yet dedicated to a high standard of quality education and spiritual growth. We believe in the capabilities of our students and help them achieve their personal best. Utilizing individualized and differentiated instruction, we can teach an accelerated curriculum while maintaining a relaxed environment in which children have fun. Happy children are motivated, children.

Small class size is one of the hallmarks of a His Academy education. Our average class size is no more than eight students outstanding when compared to the average class size of 23 or more in many schools in the area. So rather than feeling like a number and waiting a long time for assistance, and getting frustrated in the process, our students have faster access to teachers and are given plenty of help and affirmation, creating a much more personal, intimate, and nourishing environment.

All instruction and activities at His Academy are based on a Christian worldview. This Christ-centered approach to education is demonstrated in how teachers interact with the student body. Our instructors regularly pray for the students and reflect Christ’s love for them. They even have played an instrumental role in leading students to a personal relationship with Christ.

Middle and High School

His Academy’s middle & high school College Preparatory Curriculum (A Beka Books) includes Bible, English, biology, mathematics (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus), government/economics, foreign language, chemistry, physics, US history, health, and physical education.

We make it our goal to prepare our students for higher education. His Academy works with parents and students to find creative ways for students to take college-level courses while completing their high school education. Students are encouraged to attend College Fairs held in the metropolitan area also field trips that are planned to visit local colleges to expose the students to college life. In addition, we also have Career Days planned throughout the year, and representatives from universities are invited to come and speak with our middle and high school students.

His Academy’s high school students are accredited with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) through A Beka. With this accreditation, our students can apply to any college or university of their choice.

All middle & high school students have the privilege of participating in the weekly Chapel. Chapel forms an integral part of the Christian Schools experience. Chapels are led by a variety of guest speakers, including our Principle & Staff.

HIS Academy strives to teach and train our students to be well-rounded young people. They are encouraged to have strong family ties, achieve tangible academic goals, develop good character, and grow in their relationship with God. One day our students will enter society as respectful, God-fearing, and honorable young adults.

His Academy Christian School of Excellence

If you are seeking excellence in Christ-centered education as an extension of the Christian home, His Academy is the place for you.