His Academy Christian School of Excellence


Currently Athletics are Not Available


Showing our athletes that they should live with a spirit of humility, gratitude, and generosity that characterize the life of a Christian. Helping our athletes see that life would be more attractive, our faith more inviting, and our country a better place if athletes were known more for their humility, gratitude, and generosity.

Encouraging all athletes to work towards having a positive influence on their friends. Teaching all athletes to surround themselves with others of integrity. Helping them to further their education through acquiring funds by receiving athletic and academic scholarships. Teach them to establish biblical goals.


His Academy’s athletics program exists to point students to Jesus, to become members of His family, and to support the school’s overall mission by providing a Christ-centered competitive outlet for students to develop character, sportsmanship, commitment, leadership, and other life skills needed to effectively serve as Christian witnesses.

We believe our program will help develop and prepare our students for life’s challenges and responsibilities. By implementing qualities of discipline, diligence, and obedience on and off the court and emphasizing on working together as a team will help make our student-athletes well-rounded individuals.


His Academy offers two cheering squads:

  • Elementary School Pep Squad
  • Middle & High School Varsity Squad



If you are seeking excellence in Christ-centered education as an extension of the Christian home, His Academy is the place for you.